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70 Ways to promote your blog posts

  1. Share your blog posts with Facebook Fan Page(s)
  2. Share your blog posts with Facebook Profile Page
  3. Share your blog posts with Facebook Groups
  4. Share your blog posts on Twitter
  5. Share your blog posts on the Google+ Profile Page
  6. Share your blog posts on the Google+ Business Page
  7. Share your blog posts with Google+ Communities
  8. Creating promotable content that people like to read and love to share.
  9. Link to Influencers Blogs so they link back to you
  10. Always make Reference or Quote.  So they share your content.
  11. Make your content easy to share.  Use WordPress Sharing Plugins and Buffer Apps to share your content
  12. Put Email Subscription Box so that it's easy for the readers to subscribe to your newsletters and latest posts on your blog.
  13. Syndicate to Other Blogs and 'Steal' Their readers
  14. Submit your posts to Reddit  
  15. Submit your posts to Stumbleupon
  16. Submit your posts to Linkedin
  17. Submit your posts to Digg
  18. Submit your posts to Blog Engage
  19. Submit your posts to Indi Blogger
  20. Tag people on Facebook, Google+, Twitter so that they aware of your content
  21. Share your content with Pinterest Shared Board
  22. Share your content with Google+ Shared Communities
  23. Tap into 80 Million Users With Flipboards.com
  24. Promote Your Content On Sulia.com For Blog Busting Traffic
  25. Run Circles Around Your Competitors With G+
  26. Target Tumblr's 90 Million Users 
  27. Join Question and Answer Forums (Niche Based Forums)
  28. Add your Blog Content To Aggregation Sites (Digg, Technorati.com and so on)
  29. Share your content with Inbound.com
  30. Share your content with Kingged.com
  31. Share your content with Bizsugar.com
  32. Make a brief summary about your posts and converted into PDF file and share with document sharing sites
  33. Make Slideshows that Send Shoots of Traffic To New Posts
  34. Create Visual Infographics, so that people like to share your posts like anything.  Your Infographics go viral
  35. Create an Intro video or Teaser of a post on Youtube.  So that they come to your website to read the rest of the post
  36. Networking With Authorities To 'Hack' Your Way To Success.  Always link famous bloggers' sites in your posts without asking anything in return over a period of time.  You can also mention their quote and reference so that they can do favor of sharing your posts with their readers, even post is more than enough to get traffic from those sites
  37. Tweet Influential People and Watch Them Retweet For Floods Of Traffic
  38. Email Anyone You've Referenced To Get More Links and Shares
  39. Blog Commenting and Leave Relevant Links to Drive Traffic
  40. Use Google Alerts to stay updated on similar content
  41. Contact People Who Have Linked To and Shared Similar Popular Content
  42. You can also try Twitter Schedule and send your blog posts and regular intervals
  43. Join as many as blogging communities to promote your blog posts
  44. Join Triberr
  45. Join Social Buzz Club
  46. Join Biz Blogging Buz Facebook Group
  47. Write Guest post and get a link to your blog posts that will boost your search engine rankings 
  48. Join all Social Bookmarking sites
  49. Join Delicious
  50. Give advertisement on other blog similar to your niche.
  51. Give advertisement via Google AdWords
  52. Join Google URL Builder
  53. Find influencers using Grouphigh seo tool
  54. Join Twtrland
  55. Use podcast to increase your posts visibility
  56. Give some freebies
  57. Conduct Giveaways
  58. Interview high profile bloggers, so that you can easily promote your content
  59. You can also give Facebook Ads
  60. Forum Signature links
  61. Join Blokube.com
  62. Join Slideshare
  63. Start Banner advertising
  64. Create Press Release
  65. Create a Webinar (Hangouts)
  66. Join Quora.com
  67. Join Empire Avenue.com
  68. Create your own Pinterest Pages and Groups and you can also share your blog posts with Linkedin Groups and Pages
  69. You can also participate in Link Exchange but only with fellow bloggers not with others
  70. You can also do Banner Exchange that too with your blogging friends.
70 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts
Next: 70 Ways to Get Backlinks for Your Niche Blog

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