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We begin this website with a positive note.  One of my blog coaching students asked a question.  "Sir, is it possible to make minimum 1,000 dollars per month and get at least 1000 visitors per day to my blog?"  My answer is short and simple.  Yes, we can make 1000 dollars per month and get at least 1000 visitors per day.  But, for this you have to create a niche blog.  Normal blog will not yield this result.  Normal blogging will take a lot of time and efforts to do this.  But niche blog yield results almost from the first post on your blog.  So from this above conversation, now you understand the importance of creating a niche blog.  My suggestion is you should have atleast 5 niche blogs to make money for maintaining other blogs successfully without any financial difficulties.  In this site I am going to give step-by-step guidance, to build a successful, profitable niche blog.

It's not that easy to create a niche blog overnight.  You must have lots of interest, experience in blogging to create a successful niche blog like mine.  For this you have to learn Web Designing, Photoshop, SEO, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and finally you should know how to promote your site in a right way that gives a lot of traffic to your site.  So when you are reading this above paragraph, don't decide that you don't fit in this category.  I am here to help you.  Yes, this is the first time I am going to reveal all my secrets and also help you to build a successful money making niche blog from scratch.  Hope, now you feel comfortable.  In this site I am going to teach all the above mentioned points in detail.  So you can create a professional niche site over a period of time.

Why Normal Blogs Fail to Make Money

There are more than 164 million blogs on the Internet.  Most of the blogs get less than 1,000 visitors per month due to various factors.  But below I listed three important factors for failure of normal blogs.

Why your blog not making money?
  1. Fail to identify your audience
  2. Not marketing your blog in a right way
  3. Not creating a blogging schedule.

Fail to identify your audience - Basics #1

The most vital question to raise yourself after you get down your blogging career is "who am I writing for?"  In brief, WHO does one have in mind that may browse your articles?  I don't mean to simply mention that you won't discover additional concerning your audience because when your blog grows and you will learn who your targeted audience is.  But if you don't know who I am writing for?  Then it is very difficult to find what to write?  How to write?  And where to Start?  So these are all the tricky questions you've to answer yourself before putting anything into your blog.  Now I am going to show you how to find the right audience for your site.  There are a number of ways to identify the right audience for your site.  Those are listed below.

Finding the right audience - Basics #1a

This is easier for nonfictional prose authors; as a result of you'll analysis your audience so "listen in" on their conversations.  For example, checking out on-line Webmaster Forums related to your niche, discussion teams, Twitter chats, Facebook Groups, Google+ communities, Linkedin Groups and alternative places folks gather can lead you to current discussions in your field.  You can also search for blogs related to your niche additionally take a glance at the guest authors writing in those blogs and finally look into the comment section of those blogs and have a good relationship with them, you can also share your knowledge with them.  So this is the right way to get targeted audience to your site.  In-fact, this is the best way to get a targeted audience.  I already published a post on this you can read it here.  The post title is Defining your website audience.  (www.2creteablog.com)

Not marketing your blog in a right way - Basics #2

This is a giant one.  Though the author has studied blogging and has written glorious content, the largest downside with several author blogs is that the author ne'er markets them.  Half blogging is writing, and also the partner is selling.  Contrary to what looks to be several people's expectation, even smart content doesn't magnetically attract hordes of readers.  After all, if they don't understand it, however, will they discover, read, get pleasure from and share it?

Blog Marketing Strategy - Basics #2a

I request you to read the above Finding Right Audience twice and then come back here to read the rest of this post because everything I've explained above.  But if you still want to know more about this, then read this article further.

The Secret of Generating Profitable Blog Traffic - Chart

The analysis you are doing on your audience goes to guide on to the start of your own web blog selling.  Why?  All these forums, discussion groups, blogs and different places you found your audience area unit constant places you're aiming to begin selling your own insight, expertise, knowledge--and blog articles.  They'll conjointly provide you with nice opportunities to contribute to your community and to satisfy and network with different bloggers and thought leaders in your community.  You'll happen guest blogging opportunities and plenty of communities wherever you'll be able to begin to become famous, going away links which will build into a gentle stream of traffic to your own web blog.

Not creating a blogging schedule - Basics #3

Early bloggers started writing what were essentially personal blogs, thus scores of authors assume that writing a journal is concerning telling the planet concerning their own daily activities.  This casual approach to blogging extends to the frequency of your blog posts.  Authors who write these "personal" blogs appear to post whenever the inspiration hits them.  Typically weeks pass while not writing and typically they'll post a day for a jiffy before going dormant.  However a publication (your blog) meant for public consumption should have a schedule of some kind.  You wouldn't buy a magazine if you never knew when--not if--it would arrive, would you?  Fortunately, it's not that onerous to induce a footing on these issues after you 1st get going together with your blog.  Below are some great suggestions that will help you to avoid these common mistakes at the beginning of your blogging career and now I am going to show you how to create a blogging schedule for your blog.

Blogging Schedule - Basics #3a

This is a private call, and it's one amongst the simplest ways in which to de-stress your approach to blogging.  Once your new, set a schedule that you simply completely apprehend you'll be able to continue in spite of what.  If that's once per week, begin thereupon.  Every bit you get improved as a blogger, you'll be able to constantly increase the frequency of your blog posts, and that's typically decent thanks to increase your traffic and audience.  A straightforward thanks to do that is to possess specific options you publish at specific times.  For instance, you'll be capable to add a shorter post each weekday with tips for your readers.  People can start out to look forward to your "Tuesday Tips" posts, and you'll have pretty effortlessly enlarged your schedule.  You futhermore might will produce many of those posts and use your blog's planning operate to schedule all of them promptly, another good way to keep up a publication schedule.  Hence follow the following points if you're simply obtaining started blogging or if you haven't received the results you like.  Blogging is one amongst the best promoting and engagement devices ever fictitious.  Authors are absolutely positioned to create the foremost of blogging technology, and if you avoid the 3 trio errors you'll be off to a far higher bargain.  Take my post on Blogging Schedule Now and then come back here to interpret the remainder of the script.

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