WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

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Customize Your WordPress Home Page

WordPress allows you to choose between two options for your front page - a static page or a list of the latest blog posts with part of their content. This is another setting that you can config from the theme customization page. Expand the Static Front Page tab and you'll see the available options.

Under Customize options, you will see Site Title and Tagline, Navigation, Widgets, Static Front Page. So now you can choose either a Static Page or Your Latest Post.

Static Home Page in WordPress

By default WordPress will show your latest posts on the front page. However, you can change that option to A static page. This will open two more options for you - to select a page to be displayed on your front page and on which page your blog posts should be shown. For both options you'll be able to choose from the list of all the pages you've published. If the list is empty this means that you don't have a single Page created in your site.

Static Home Page

This is the easiest way to create static home page for your WordPress site. 

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Next: Additional WordPress Theme Customization

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