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Adding Banners to Your WordPress Site

Nowadays advertisement is essential part of most of the websites on the Internet. In this tutorial we will show you how to add banners to different parts of your WordPress site. Most of the websites that offer banners will provide you with the entire banner code so all you have to do is decide where you want to place the banner and follow the instructions below.

How to add banners to your sidebar

It is common practice to use your sidebar to add banners. There are two ways to do this - if your theme supports widgets in your sidebar, you can add a Text widget with your banner code in it, or you can add the code directly to the sidebar.php file of your theme.

If your theme supports widgets, go to Appearance -> Widgets. Then, drag a Text widget to the appropriate widget area. In our case that would be "Main Sidebar". For the purpose of this tutorial, we will place this widget right under the search field. Finally, paste the banner code in it, set a title for the widget (that's optional, leave it empty if you don't want to have a title above your banner) and hit the Save button.

Add Banners to WordPress Site - WordPress Tutorial

This will place the banner you want into the sidebar of your WordPress site.

Showing Banners in the WordPress Sidebar

If your theme does not support widgets you'll need to add your banner code directly into the sidebar.php. You can edit this file from the Appearance -> Editor part of your WordPress admin.page.

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Next: How to Add Banners into a Single Post or Single Page in WordPRESS

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