The word static emphasizes on the fact that the content is not regenerated each time the client (Web Browser) requests the web page (HTML Page) from the server (Web Server).  They are the simplest ones to create.

Static websites usually suit small and medium businesses that do not require regular updates to their site.

Static Website

It is used when the site needs only simple features.  It does not require any database to store the information.  HTML can be used to create Static Web Pages.  HTML is a versatile language that allows the use of graphics, tables, fonts, colors, hyperlinks, animation and sound in a web page.  HTML files are plain text files, so they can be composed and edited on any type of computer like Windows, Mac or UNIX. Some other tools that allow the creation of simple Web Pages include MS FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc.  For more information on Designing a Website you can read other pages of this website.

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