Place Google Ads on your website, blog and make money. It's free to join program. Use several Adsense products like Ad units, Custom Channels, URL Channels, Page-level ads, Google Custom Search to increase your ad revenue.

You can also use Google AdSense ad units if you have a blog in Blogger. You can also monetize your YouTube videos with AdSense Ads.

You can also display Google AdSense Contextually Relevant Ads on your Custom Search Engine's search results pages and shares a portion of its advertising revenue with Google AdSense partners. 

The Cost Per Click (CPC) on an ad is determined by Adwords advertisers who compete for placement on search results pages.

Google AdSense Ad Units - Make Money From Google AdSense

To be able to make revene with your own Custom Search Engines, you will need to associate your AdSense account with your Google Custom Search Engine account. If you don't have an AdSense account, you can Sign-up for one, following these easy instructions listed below. You can also go through these AdSense related tutorials below.
  1. Sign up for Google AdSense
  2. Check out the Google AdSense Tutorials
  3. Review the Google AdSense Program Policies
  4. Best practices for ad placement
  5. User Experience Guidelines - Define Your Website Audience
  6. Choose Best Colors for Your Google AdSense Ad Units
If you already have an Google AdSense account, you can make money by using your own Google Custom Search Engines by associating them with your Google AdSense account.

Note: To associate AdSense with your Google Custom Search Engine, both - Custom Search Engine and AdSense - must be under the same Google Account.

If you already have an Google AdSense account, you can make money by using YouTube videos by associating them with your Google AdSense account.

Note: To associate AdSense with your YouTube Videos and YouTube Channels, both - Custom YouTube Account and AdSense Account - must be under the same Google Account.

Note: If you do not see Monetization button in any of your YouTube videos or YouTube Channel, then it means that either you do not have an Approved Google AdSense account or your AdSense account is pending for approval. Please visit Google AdSense Training page for more details on how to get Google AdSense Approval within 2 days.

Note that if you create a new Google AdSense account, you'll receive a confirmation email that you can use to activate your account. You won't start making revenue until you have completed this activation process. You have to place the Google AdSense Ad Code in your web pages. While your AdSense account is being processed, no ads will appear in your blog or in your own Custom Search Engine Pages or in your YouTube videos.
  1. Submit all of your web pages to the Google index - for free. Use Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Find out how Google sees your site. Follow Google Webmaster Guidelines
  3. Diagnose potential problems using Google Structured Data Testing Tool
  4. Find out which queries drive traffic to your site - Use Google Analytics to find out the exact queries related to your site
  5. Get re-included -  Reconsideration Request

What should be included in a proper reconsideration request? - Video

How to Earn Money from Google AdSense : Step-by-Step Tutorials

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Make Money from Google AdSense

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