How Often Should I Update My Blog - In-fact this is the tricky question most of the great bloggers unable to answer. But my answer is so simple, read the below paragraph.

You can change the "Post Title of Your Blog Posts" but not your URL of the Blog Posts. There is no need to write a new blog post and show to the world that you're updating your blog frequently. Even you add some more content or delete some existing content from the already existing post(s) and add some more new and informative content. Which will brings lots more new traffic to your website. This is the simple strategy you can follow. 

How Often Should I Update My Blog

If you still not satisfied with the above answer. Because the above answer only for SEO Experts and not for all. So here you can follow the simple rules which I've already listed in the previous blog post naming about Blogging Schedule. So you read that post and then come back here to read rest of the blog post. The above blog post which will give answer to your questions like
  1. How often should you blog
  2. Blogging Schedule
  3. Topics for Blogging
  4. Things to blog about
  5. How to run a successful blog
  6. How to write a blog
  7. Blogging Challenge
  8. Disadvantages of a blog
So I've answered all the major questions related to blogging schedule in the previous post. So read that one and don't forget to leave your comment here. I already given the best possible solution without writing a new blog post, which you'll appreciate. Because I know it's very hard to write a blog post frequently unless you've great information or knowledge about the particular subject. But here that is not the case. Simply deleting or adding some content and not changing the existing URL always gives tremendous success to your blog post(s). The only thing you've to use Fetch as Google option in the Google Webmaster Tools to confirm the Google that you've updated your content with a new one or you can say it another word - my blog post modified. Hope you enjoy this blogging tutorial I'll be back with some interesting topic blogging soon.

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