Keep it Simple - Introduction

You no need use high flown language or fancy language to attract your readers. Writing your blog posts as if you're drafting an email or telling a story to your friend. Be focus on single topic, single concept, thought or idea into your blog post. Always keep it simple and makes it easy for your readers to understand what you're trying to say.
No quantity of promotion can assist you if your content isn’t up to par. during this requirement, you may find out how to..
  1. Find popular topic ideas
  2. Create catchy headlines that attracts audience to share your content.
  3. Optimize your website content for both search engines and social sharing sites.
  4. Research the keywords or phrases that your audience looking for.
  5. Put the most important topic in <h2> tag or introduction part or in the first paragraph of your post which makes readers to get interest to read the rest of the article.
  6. Be Brief - Don't tell stories. Sometimes stories will work, but most of the times, your readers want straight answers from you. They don't want unnecessary things in the post. Don't add any unnecessary information in your posts. If it is related then add otherwise it's not necessary to those information. According to me 700 to 1000 words is more than enough to explain the topic of the post and also it's good for search engines too.
Keep it Simple - Blogging101 - Blogging Tips

Keep it Simple - Understand Your Website Audience

Understanding your audience is very much important for any site success. Before writing anything in your text box, understand your audience perfectly. What they want from you? How you will solve their problem? so these are all the questions you've to keep in mind while drafting a blog post and another thing you must ready with the answers before clicking the publish button. Most of the bloggers always talking about the problem, they're not talking about its implications or they never gives any solution for the problem. This is where most of the bloggers failed to capitalize the opportunity available to them. This is where they fail to grab the attention of the readers. 

For example : Take Google AdSense. People often talking about they're not getting approval. But the thing is why they're not getting approval? What are all the procedures they have to follow to get approval? Whether they read the Google AdSense Program Policies and Google Webmaster Guidelines fully or not? so these are all the questions you must answer to them. But most of the bloggers not giving exact answers for the readers questions. People always live in dark.

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