How to Create Blogging Schedule Effectively

At last! Now you've completed all the technical things in WordPress. It's time to start thinking about creating your first blog post for your website. For that you've to create blogging schedule. If you want to create a successful website then blogging schedule is one of the ingredients in making your website a successful one.
Whether you're a newbie starting from the scratch or an intermediate or a professional blogger who's started and given up on numerous occasions, a content strategy will gives you a clear idea or provide focus and create a perfect blogging plan to implement, which will lead to a blogging habit.
In determining, your blogging schedule you need to answer following questions.

How often should I update my blog?

  1. When I will publish my post?
  2. How many Posts I am able to Publish per week?
  3. What is the Best Time to Publish a Blog Post?
  4. Will different days have a specific content focus?
  5. Whether I am ready to write topics for my blog posts?
If you've more questions on this above topic then you can post it in the comment section. So others will get more idea about this topic.

Blogging Schedule helps you to keep moving

When you're feeling tired or frustrated and close to leave blogging, there's no better motivator than having a blogging schedule which gives you a right direction to proceed further and it also stimulus to get you going without any distraction.

Guest Bloggers Wanted

The one important point I want to share with you in this post is that you are in charge of representing your website, brand, your business and your individual message to this blogger community. You've the power, you've the passion of blogging, You need not wait for your friends or some middlemen to promote your business and also your website. You can promote your website in your own way you want. So there is no obstacle in that. Once you develop your website on your own, then Guest Bloggers comes to your blog automatically you no need to invite them. If your Alexa Rankings is Good, Google Page Rank is Good and Domain Authority is Good. Then Guest Bloggers comes to write for you. But before accepting guest bloggers post on your blog or website. First visit their websites and confirm they're quality writers and also giving original, valuable content. Because without knowing their past performance, if you allow to write them. Then they'll spoil your blog and your business image. So before accepting guest posts first go through their projects is my advice. However, in order to promote your website, business, brand you must post a consistent basis. In reality you might only have the time to post once or twice a week, but you must ensure that it gets done every week without any excuse.

How often should you post on your blog

Two posts a week or 10 posts a month is really great. You can allocate this schedule according to your own convenience. As you grow your reader base, they'll expect more from you. They'll look more posts on your website. So it's your duty to produce high quality posts every week, this is one of the trust-building strategy in blogging. For example, take me. I am writing only 1 to 2 posts a week. I know this is not par for me. But you look at the other I am producing atleast 10 to 15 youtube videos every month. So it compensate my blogging goals. With the base of more than 5000 subscribers for my website. It's very hard for me to satisfy my readers. There is no other option other than publishing atleast two posts a week. Many bloggers thinking you need to post to a website every day. but that's not true and it is not also possible. You can, if you like and you've sufficient time to do this. But in reality it is only possible to post twice a week. Maximum three posts per week. That's it. If you post more posts then quality of the posts will suffer. Readers and search engines wants quality, not quantity. Suppose if you're try to post daily then quality of the posts will suffer and finally it will be the downfall of your blogging career and at last you'll leave blogging with no idea. So maintain consistency in blogging. Don't compromise with your quality of the articles. There are lot of people give their own suggestions and feedback. But which is best for you, you knows very well, do it accordingly.

To be more effective, you must put your blogging schedule wisely. Don't put unrealistic things in the blogging schedule. Put the things which are only possible to achieve. Your blogging schedule includes some important factors like Blog Writing, Commenting on Others Blog, Promoting your previous posts in Social Media. Answering Questions in Blogger Forums as well as Social Media, Chating with your friends and customers on the latest product feature, attending customer queries, your service and your website issues. So this might be Himalayan task for you. But you've to do this job continuously without fail. If you lack in any one of this above said commitments then you'll lose momentum and also focus. So don't give up at any time. Try to do it with passion and interest.

Everybody starting with new year say January 1st with lot of goals, but at the end of the year, you see their results. Nothing in the card. They forward this goals to next year. Wow! this is the story of many bloggers. Don't join that list of lazy bloggers. This is where blogging schedule play its own role. Most of the blogger have no idea about what is blogging schedule? how to prepare them very effectively? so hope after reading this post they're in a position to build better blogging schedule.

How often should I update my blog

When considering your blogging strategy, keep in mind that you just need to place along that educates the buyer, shares your story and helps you to realize the trust of potential customers or donors. Also, avoid posting negative content concerning anyone, resist running down the competition, and positively do not publish something that may embarrass you later. A blogging strategy, combined with a well-defined audience and clear goals, can create it abundant easier to make posts and content that your readers can realize valuable.

Bottom Line
Consider this in deciding your blogging schedule, if you plan to publish atleast 3 posts a week, at the minimum requirement - then you'll require atleast one to hours per post. Because you can't write a post without substance. Your readers wants quality, unique post(s) from you so you can't click the Publish button like anything. So you must be careful before clicking the publish button. In the same way, sometimes you're unable to produce a single post in a week. That time don't give up. Atleast participate in the forums which are related to your niche, share your thoughts and experience with your fellow bloggers on the same nice or atleast make comments on others blogs belongs to your niche. This will get you more links for your website. My advice is don't be idle and waste your valuable time. Do something which is productive.

According to me, Monday, Wednesday and Friday better days for blogging.


You can write How-to tutorials on Mondays about WordPress, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Social Media, How to Get Traffic, SEO and so on. If you've any other niche plan your titles accordingly. But the bottom line is it must be a educational post for your audience, it helps to purchase your products and it also helps to get your service.


Bloggers Interviews - Yes have an interview with fellow bloggers and publish in your Website or Blog. It'll enhance your website image to a different zone. Blogging Interviews always helps any websites to get into the top of the table. You can also publish their photos, videos you can also give links to their websites / blogs and so on. You can also have an Hangout on Google+ and embed that video into your post. Wow it's amazing to see those videos live. You can also share their social media profile and business pages in your site. This will make them happy and they also share your posts and interviews in their websites.


You can shoot videos. you can also publish your voice on itune like some of the top bloggers doing now-a-days. You can share photos on Picasa and Flickr. So that you've more chance to interact with the people.

Always show your social media presence to your audience. Otherwise they'll forget you. So even you've no post to share with them atleast chat with them. Solve their website issues and show your authority in your niche. This is the best way to prove yourself in the public domain.

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