Most of us don't know What to do? and What not to do? with our YouTube videos. Frankly speaking most of us don't know the exact methods of sharing our YouTube videos. But this tutorial teach you how to do it exactly to get huge amount of traffic not only to your videos but also to get PageRank for your YouTube channel page without any difficulties.

We always love to share our blog posts, infographics, pictures and finally videos too with our friends on social media. But we don't know the impact of sharing YouTube videos on Facebook and other social media.

Never share your YouTube videos on Facebook. Unless your video related to Realestate or Travel or Business or Product launch or Product Reviews. Don't share your Tutorial videos on Facebook.

Suppose if you share YouTube videos on Facebook. YES, You'll get views for your Video(s). But you can't get your YouTube Page Views and you can't get your YouTube Channel Views and finally you can't get Comments also for your YouTube videos. Last but not least - People not able to share your videos on social media. Unless and otherwise they click the YouTube direct link button in the video bar below the video. Because of that your PageRank for YouTube always "0". You never get authority link to your website from YouTube. So you can also lose some important backlinks (I mean authority backlinks from YouTube). Recently I heard a news that Facebook consider YouTube videos as SPAM and sometimes even deleted those videos. So better share only links not the entire videos is my suggestion.

Most of us not aware or not use the share icon the top right corner of any YouTube video. If you click that icon, there are lot of options to share your YouTube videos. But frankly speaking, I don't think anybody click that icon and share their videos. In the same way, if you come to bottom of the YouTube video you'll see the YouTube logo embedded in the video frame. That also I don't think anybody click and watch the videos directly on YouTube video page. So now you understand the importance of not sharing your videos on social media.

You have to share only the link of the video not the snippet. If you don't like YouTube URL Structure then go and use Google Shortener to shorten your link. Another important thing Google shortener is one of the ranking signal in indexing your post. So it's part of the algorithm.

YouTube Comments

Last but not least : Without Log in, people can't leave comments in YouTube. So you can avoid spam to the larget extent. Audience have a option to share your videos on Google+. They can also rate your video and also others comment by giving Thumps Up or Thumps Down. So these are all the options really enhance your video and it sends a right signal to Google to index your video on their search results. Even you get 1000 Likes and 1000 Comments in Facebook. There is no use of it especially for your YouTube video. Because those comments and likes not consider for indexing your videos on Google SERP. But if you get the same amount +1's and Comments in YouTube video page altogether different story. Your video is on top of the YouTube search results and also on first page of Google search index.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial on YouTube. If you like this post then consider sharing with your social media friends.

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