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Increase Google AdSense CTR

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There are so many method to increase Google AdSense click through rate (CTR). If you join my Google AdSense Training Seminar classes either online or through directly I will teach all these things in detail. I've received lot of request from my friends and also from my site readers to reveal some of those secrets which really boost CTR for Google AdSense and earn some handsome money. 

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Hope now you've no doubts about how Google AdSense works and how to monetize your site with Google AdSense. After reading all the above posts listed, now you come to main par how to increase your Google AdSense CTR. Here is the answer. Here Ad sizes matter the most. Yes you've to select exact ad size which yield you expected results. Choose the following sizes to increase your CTR with Google AdSense.

Popular Google AdSense Ad Sizes

Here is the complete list. 
  1. 728x90 Leaderboard
  2. 336x280
  3. 300x250
  4. 160x600
  5. 120x600
Now come to the main point. Even though above ad sizes are very popular in Google AdSense. CTR also good. But you can't expect huge money with these ad sizes except 728x90 to some extent 336x280 ad sizes. I don't think other ad sizes give that much CTR and also income. So try some different things now. 

Recently, Google introduce Custom Size. Yes, you can now select your own Ad Sizes it's not necessary to use the same old default sizes anymore. Because of these you can not only improve your CTR (Click Through Rate) but you can also earn huge money. Now CPC also very high when compare to default ad sizes

Best Ad Sizes to Increase High CTR with Google AdSense

Here is the comprehensive list of AdSense Ad Sizes. 
  1. 560x315
  2. 640x360
  3. 853x480
  4. 600x300
  5. 500x300
You see the below ad size that is 600x300.

How to Increase Google AdSense Click Through Rate

Important Note :
  1. Background always either Gray or Black.
  2. Use only Text Ad
  3. Use these Ad units mainly for Event based blogs. Like Sports Event, Festivals, Asian Games and so on.
For example : If you take labnol.org Amit Agarwal sir is using 600x300 in the home page as well as in all post pages center of the website. So it clearly shows this ad unit is yielding more income than other ad units of Google AdSense. So start using this ad unit immediately and make more money with Google AdSense. If you like this post then consider sharing with social media friends and leave your valuable feedback in the comment section of this post.

Important Note : There are lot of questions after I published this post, where you get this image sizes. Yes I tell you the secret. The above sizes are all YouTube video embed sizes. If you select these sizes for your Google AdSense ad units most of the time, you look only one ad, it's very rare that you see so many ads in the single ad unit. Another thing most of time it looks like embed video. And the above ad button look like "Play Button" of YouTube. So there are more chances of clicking those ads. It will increase your CTR upto 80 to 90%. If CTR increases automatically Google increases your CPC also. So earning 100 dollars per month is that difficult task. Hope you enjoy this post. I will come up with another great tutorial.

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