For the past 4 years I am trying to install something like navbar in the header section (i.e above the header banner) of my website. But I don't know the exact name for this. But I now findout it is called "Hello Bar". Wow! the name itself speaks a lot. 

Why you need Hello Bar for your website or blog

If you're running a blog or website. For driving traffic, you can follow so many methods. Like install social networking buttons, sharing rss feeds and so on. But most of the bloggers fail to notice you need some thing at the header part to attract your site audience. For example Good Professional logo at the header part, 468x60 advertisement banner in the right-hand side of the header, below that good attractive horizontal navigation bar and finally you need something above that header part to grab the attention of your site visitors. But most of the bloggers not familiar with coding.(HTML & Css). But they want to do something which will boost their site traffic. So they look around which option fulfill their needs? Yes, Hello Bar fulfill all your needs.

Hello Bar
  1. You can promote your brand
  2. Hello Bar is the best option for selling e-books
  3. Hello Bar is the best option for getting more subscribers for your e-mail newsletter.
  4. You can promote News and Events via Hello Bar.
  5. You can sell your product
  6. Promote your blog posts 
  7. Social Media Sharing. You can share your article with social networking sites
  8. Give a link to your Facebook Fans Page or Google Plus Business Page.
  9. It's great for Bloggers
  10. It's great for Marketers
  11. It's great for e-commerce websites
  12. It's great for Product owners
  13. It's great for Non-profit organisation to collect donations.
Finally you can create this Hello Bar in just one minute and that too for free. You can't ask more than this.

Hello Bar works on all platforms
  1. WordPress
  2. Tumblr
  3. Squarespace
  4. Blogger
  5. Joomla 
  6. Drupal

How to install Hello Bar to Your Website or Blog

I now explain you how to install Hello Bar to your WordPress and Blogger Blogs.

For Blogger

Go to blogger Dashboard - Select your blog - Template - Edit HTML - then Click Proceed, then click Expand Widget Templates

Copy the code from Hello Bar website and paste this code before </body> tag.

For WordPress :

Running Hello Bar on WordPress:
Depending on how much exposure you want your Hello Bar to have, you can either paste the code snippet in your theme’s template files for global exposure, or you paste it in the HTML editor on a post or page for single page exposure. UPDATE: This will only work with WordPress.org installations This Paragraph Courtesy : Hello Bar.

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