Google Helpouts

Google Helpouts is a new way to share your knowledge and expertise over live video. Connect with over millions and millions of customer over one-on-one video call.

Google Helpouts is giving an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience in a particular field like the categories listed below

  1. Arts and Music
  2. Computer and Electronics
  3. Cooking
  4. Education and Careers
  5. Fashion and Beauty
  6. Fitness and Nutrition
  7. Health
  8. Home and Garden
So you've eight categories to offer. You can select any one of the above categories to help others.

It's easy to use, it'll work on your Desktop Computer, Mobile Devices and Incorporate Live Video. You can schedule your own time and you can also charge payments for your help.

Get Instant access to customers, there is no restriction on Geography, Time-zone or even Currency. Make your service accessible from anywhere in the world.

Convenient and Flexible timings, you can help your customers at your own convenient time. You can help your customers from your office or at your home or through your mobile. Wow this is something amazing to see from Google.

Get paid for helping your customers. You can pick your own price, you can charge your rate depends on helpouts. You can either charge Fixed-Rate or Per-Minute Rate Basis.

I just now got my invitation to join Google Helpouts. You can join my team. Request a Code Now...

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